Kjell & MIMEO at Paradiso Amsterdam

On June 8th Kjell will perform live video with MIMEO (Movement In Music Electronic Orchestra) at the legendary club Paradiso in Amsterdam. The concert is part of the Holland Festivals' EyeFuel program. MIMEO will for this occasion consist of Phil Durrant (GB) violin, electronics - Cor Fuhler (NL) electronics, piano, organ - Thomas Lehn (D) analogue synthesizer - Kaffe Matthews (GB) computer - Jerome Noetinger (F) electroacoustique devices - Gert-Jan Prins (NL) electronics, radio, tv, percussion - Peter (PITA) Rehberg (A) computer - Keith Rowe (GB/F) tableguitar - Marcus Schmickler (D) computer, synthesizer - Rafael Toral (P) guitar, electronics.